An average day for a professional wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer isn't all glamorous and easy going! While for 40 days of the year it's glitz and glam for me - what of the other 325 days of the year?

As well as being a photographer I'm also a graphic designer, an accountant, a sales rep, a photo editor, a blogger, a website builder, a delivery man and most importantly a Husband and a father. Whats the average day like when I'm not at a wedding. What do I really do day after day?

Well here's a little insight into the last few days of a very average week for me.

Wednesday - I'm actually stuck in the house for most the day today as the car has to go to the garage and its got a slow puncture. Before I can drop the car off its the standard daily battle of getting my daughter up - feeding her and sending her bum off to school. She's only 5 and shes totally amazing. I wake her up by plonking one of her rabbits on her bed (she's got two) She tends to be in a better mood when an non human thing with fur wakes her up!   

So after some brekkie its off on the school run and drop the car in to be fixed. A double espresso is in order when I get back and its on with editing a wedding that needs finishing up. I like to pump out the music while i'm editing but I've got a gorgeous old lady living next door to me who likes to lie in so I stick on the headphones and get myself in a editing trance for a few hours.  

I've got two weddings coming up this weekend and need to make sure all batteries are charged and gear checks are done. All my cameras, flashes, triggers and lenses are all checked a few days before each and every wedding as it gives me time to rectify a problem if there is one! No issues so all is packed up ready for Saturday and Sunday. I also double check plans with the bride and grooms and ensure I've got the all important group list's printed off and packed in the bag 

There's a knock at the door after lunch and I take delivery of a batch of storybook albums I sent off to print last week. I've had four arrive which means I need to arrange deliveries for each one. I produce two types of albums - a storybook album which is a standard hardback book and then there's my Italian Handmade albums which are just exquisite. The quality of those is stunning!    

Working from home can be quite dangerous in terms of gorging on food all day so after lunch I prepared some home made granola which I love snaking on. The smell of roasted nuts in the house is the best smell ever. I also better wash the pots before the wife gets back.  

Back in the office for another hour or so before I have to pick Sophie up from school and there's another knock at the door. Another parcel and another addition to the brown box pile in the garage! This time my new flyers and business cards arrive for my upcoming wedding fairs in March. Absolutely love them. 

After the school run myself, Sophie and Michelle head to the local library. Sophie loves it in here 

Once dinner's out he way and Soph's gone to bed I normally pop back into the office for another hour or two depending on work load.

So as you can see not everyday is glamorous brides and three course meals. Most of my days are like this Being able to juggle both work and family life from home really is a blessing and love each and every day I get to do this.

Here's just a few more photos from family life over the last few days

All photos taken with Fujifilm X100F