Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: Yes. In order to reserve your date you will need to pay a £200 deposit. Your date will not be secure until this is paid.

Q: If we choose to have a pre shoot when does this take place? 

A: Pre wedding shoots normally take place a month before the wedding. Once the shoot is finished a preparation meeting will take place. Pre wedding shoot dates can be arranged as soon as you confirm your booking. If the weather is bad on the day we will be in contact to arrange an alternative date.

Q: What photos do we receive

A: Your photos will be delivered to you on a USB drive. You will receive three folders on the drive. 'Originals' - Will contain all the original unedited images taken on the day. 'Edited' - will contain all the edited photos.'Social Media' - Will contain all the edited images which have been resized and watermarked

Q: Can I request certain pictures

A: I get you to put together a group photo list prior to the wedding which will help on the day. You can request a couple of images during the reception shoot but creative control remains with me throughout the day. Over the years experience has taught me not to work from a tick list as it can stifle creativity and you miss all those natural moments throughout the day. Please don't not submit Pinterest boards as I do not recreate any other photographers work. Your photos are one of a kind

Q: When do we get our photos back?

A: The standard turnaround for your photos is 6-8 weeks. We will contact you as soon as the images are ready to dispatch to you. Please refrain from contacting us until after the six weeks is up. We like to spend as much time as possible on the images ensuring your photos receive all the love and attention they deserve.

Q: How are the albums produced?

A: Once you have received your photos there will be a information sheet contained within the main folder which will request that you provide a list of your preferred photos to go into the album. Once this is received we put together the design. A digital proof will be emailed to you at a later date

Q: What happens if the photographer is ill?

A: While I have never missed a wedding due to ill health there is always a backup photographer on standby.

Q: What business insurance do you have?

A: I have both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. 

Q: What permissions do we have for our photos?

A: Your photos are copyright free to you both only. Copying and distribution of the photos to anyone else is strictly forbidden. You may print your photos anywhere at what ever size you wish. You will receive an additional set of resized, watermarked images for social media distribution. If found uploading the original unwatermarked images then the social media provider will be notified of the copyright infringement and they will be removed.