Swancar Farm Country House - Kimberley & Matthew

 Swancar Farm Country House

Swancar Farm Country House

Swancar Farm Country House blog contains - Video slideshow, images and wedding review

We're nearing the end of our 2014 wedding marathon and our second to last celebration brings us back to the ever stunning Swancar Farm Country House for the gorgeous wedding of Kimberley & Matthew. 

Lets open the curtains and see what the weather is like ... I wish I hadnt - Rain! Umbrellas were the first things packed as the forecast looked a little gloomy for most of the day. We're only a few weeks from Christmas and Swancar certainly had a festive feel to it for todays wedding! 

The bad weather stuck around for most of the day but luckily cleared up as the ceremony ended which meant we could get all the group shots done outside which is a rarity for this time of year!

Once all the photos were taken outside everyone headed inside for the weddng breakfast. Half way through the breakfast a stunning sunset was happening outside but the bride and groom had only just finished their main course. Do I go and see if they want to go outside and take advantage of the only time we've seen the sun all day? Or do I just stay quiet? It didnt really matter in the end as they came to get me!! They too had seen the sky turn red and jumped at the chance to get some shots done! It was certainly worth it as we captured some great moments

The day came to a close with Kimberly and Matt's first dance and what a wonderful day it was.

Thanks to Kimberly and Matt for letting me be part of their day ... Loved every moment 

Check out their video below or scroll down for all the photos