How is your wedding album is made?

So, how are your wedding albums made?

First of all you will need to have received all your wonderful images back from me! A few weeks after getting your images I'll send you an email asking you to put all your preferred images into a list and email it back to me. When you get this email please take a few moments to read the whole email including a section from our terms and conditions which outlines important information.

Ill ask you to supply between  75 - 95 preferred images in your list. When listing the images please remember to choose the correct version as some images may have been supplied in either colour or black and white. Just supply the file name given to that image.

If you require more than 95 images in your design or want less images printed per page then an additional 8 page section will need to added at a cost of £60. You will need to request this at the same time you submit the image list. 

You can also submit your own text to go into the design - Maybe a reading from the ceremony or your personalised vows perhaps? The standard text on the front is always '' Our Wedding - your date" eg: Our Wedding - 14th November 2014. You can also change this if you wish.

When you submit your list please be aware that you will not be able to add any more images to the list once you've sent it through so please please please take your time and ensure that EVERY image is on the list that you want in the album. This is because all the images are sent to the book publisher first which then allows me to produce the proof.  

What if I miss any image off my list and really need it in the design?

If it's important to you that you add an image that you have missed in the initial list then a £40 start up fee will be charged to start the design process again.

One major bit of information you will need to know is that once I have sent you the list request email, I will need you to send it back to me within four weeks as we have an allotted time scheduled in the design studio for each album. If you miss this deadline then we have to refund the cost of the album back to you as you will have missed your allotted studio time. Unfortunately over the past few years we've encounted issues where people have delayed getting the list to us and this has created a huge backlog in the studio. I need to provide an efficient service to all you guys and if someone delays it means that someone elses design has to be put back. I certainly understand that we all have busy lives and feel that four weeks gives you time to choose your favourite images!  

Once your list is submitted, a proof will be emailed to you within 14 days. You may delete images from the proof but can not add new alternatives as outlined above. Colour images can also be turned to black and white if you wish but not the other way round.

At this point you can request two rounds of amendments. Amendments can consist of text changes, image removal and changing layout. A new proof will be sent after each round of amendments.  If you require any further amendments after the first two rounds then a £5 charge per amendment will need to be paid for before the next round can begin. 

Please note that once you have given the go ahead for the book to be printed then no further amendments can take place.  

After sign off you can expect delivery within 6 weeks.