Heather & Ray's - English and Chinese Weddings

Ive only just finished editing this mammoth of a double wedding and thought i'd get this up on the blog before the madness of 2015 really kicks in!

These were my first weddings of 2015 and it couldn't have started any better! Two weddings in three days - The same couple - One English wedding in Nottingham followed by a Chinese wedding in Birmingham. The Chinese wedding in Birmingham was all indoors so was crossing my fingers for good weather for the English wedding taking place at Woodborough Hall

I couldn't have asked for better weather! Sunshine, warm and even a few clouds to hide the sun's harshness! Ok it was a tad windy but its early March. The whole day at Woodborough Hall was amazing and even managed to capture a wonderful spring sunset before all the evening guests arrived to round off the celebrations.


The Chinese wedding began with a traditional door game. It started with Ray arriving and having to barter with Heather's sisters for her hand in marriage. In China the number 9 is considered extremely important and Ray had to agree a price with Heather's sister's which contained all 9's. The starting price was £9.9b which Ray was reluctant to pay. He managed to grab Heather's hand in marriage for a cut price £99. Good negotiating skills!

Ray was then invited into the Brides home where he had to answer a selection of questions about his future bride in order to be allowed to find her somewhere in the house! After a few more tests Ray and the groomsmen had to serenade the bridal party as their final test before heading off to Birmingham. 

There rendition of Pokemon will never be forgotten! 

After a quick hop down to Birmingham, Ray and Heather's tea ceremony gets under way folllowed by an amazing feast of stunning Chinese cuisine for all the guests (oh and me!) Ray, Heather and Ray's family then go table to table to toast the marriage and bring the days celebrations to a wonderful end!