Colwick Hall Hotel - Emma & Paul

Well its getting closer to the end of 2014 and im down to my last 3 weddings for the year. Today im off to Colwick Park for the wedding of Emma and Paul. The weather forecast has told me to expect fog, rain, wind and no sunshine whatsoever so im hoping for some breaks in the weather to get some outdoor photos done! Mind you, the fog can make some spectacular effects at night when using our remote flash guns!

We've got a Gatsby themed wedding today and to be honest its one of my favourite themes. The black and white suits and the art deco themed venue really suits my love of black and white photography. If I had my choice, id shoot all my work in black and white and the gatsby theme always allows for lots of mono opportunities!

The weather doesnt dissapoint as the fog doesnt lift all day, the rain comes and goes but it doesnt dampen any part of the day. Most of the locations at Colwick Hall are mostly inside and capture some stunning moments throughout the day. Emma and Paul were fantastic to work with and given they were pretty nervous about being in front of the camera they took to the camera my ideas amazingly well.

The fog worked really well at night and took one of my favourite photos of the year. See the fountain shot at the bottm of the photos.

I had a wonderful day shooting at Colwick Hall and loved every minute working with Emma and Paul. Its been such a great few days working on all their photos and wish I had some more to work on!

Congratulations to Emma & Paul