Copyright and supplier requests - My thoughts

I'd like to explain to you about how copyright works for a professional photographer - There's an abundant lack of knowledge between suppliers and clients and want to clear a few things up

When an image is taken by any photographer they are the author of the image. The author of the image retains copyright and ownership of this image. My clients do not have permission to distribute them to anyone else.

My clients have paid for me to take the photographs and so I grant them usage of these images for personal use only. I'm aware the product I create is a great tool to advertise your product or service but the way in which some suppliers view it as an entitlement is both ignorant and extremely infuriating.

Let me explain a little more about my business - I work by myself. Just me - Every image taken and edited is by me. I am a photographer, editor, accountant, designer, blogger, salesman not to mention a father and a husband. I design every album, plan every pre shoot, client meeting and wedding day myself and I hand deliver photos and albums to every client. I started the business 6 years ago and each year has got busier and busier (Last year I shot 40 weddings, this year its 46) and in the past I've been able to offer images to other suppliers. I have a lot of pre and post wedding care to give to each and every couple and just don't have the time to produce these free requests every time

I work incredibly hard for every client and want them to feel their images are exclusive to them and do not like the idea of the photos being passed around to promote every other business after the wedding. That's not the image I'm after. The image of my business is important as i'm sure it is for you. After shooting over 200 weddings I've worked incredibly hard to grow the business and am proud of the work I create. I'm entitled to look after my work and the image of the business.

There have been many instances over the years when suppliers mention the 'reciprocal link' and shock horror this never materialises. Who's the one losing out here? Me. Im sorry if this sounds blunt but It's a one way street and there's nothing in it for my business. This is why I am careful who I share images with. Those who I can trust to uphold my business image correctly and appreciatively I will always try to help out.

And because of the misuse of my images and all the requests I get for free imagery over the past few years I've set up the 'Suppliers' option on my website which allows you to purchase and download your preferred images without waiting for me to get round to sorting them out for you. 

There's a lot of amazing, talented suppliers out there and I love working with you all on the day but please understand my work load and the image I want for my clients

Thanks guys!